Commission for Salud con lupa (Peru)
[EN] Because of the absence of a treatment that gives relief or helps to recover their children from the diseases that affect them, three mothers in Lima have found a way out in cannabis. However, in Peru, there are obstacles to access to it and during the pandemic the situation has become more complex.
[ES] Ante​ la falta de un tratamiento que ayude a aliviar o recuperar a sus hijos de las enfermedades que los aquejan, tres madres en Lima han encontrado en el cannabis una salida. Aunque hace tres años se legalizó el uso terapéutico del cannabis, cientos de madres aún tienen problemas para acceder al aceite, calmar los síntomas de sus hijos y mejorar su calidad de vida.

[EN] Ericka Noblecilla and her son Paolo (22), who has refractory epilepsy due to a lesion in the brain. Paolo has suffered dozens of daily seizures for more than 15 years, but the use of cannabis has helped him to feel relieve.​​​​​​​

Cannabis bottles are part of the family first aid kit.

[EN] Roxana Llontop and her daughter Glendy (15). Until she was 12 years old, Roxana's daughter was in good health. Her life changed after her first seizure, which impaired all of her cognitive abilities. Because of her improvement with a Peruvian cannabis oil, Glendy's case was presented in Berlin during the 2019 Cannabinoid Conference event.

[EN] Ana Álvarez and her son Anthony. Since 2016, Ana has cultivated her son's medicine in her own home. Thanks to cannabis, Anthony went from having eight seizures a day to having none for several months, his aggressive behavior decreased considerably and he seemed to be more connected to reality.

Anthony likes to play with puzzles and make desserts.

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